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Meet Keena the Face behind Flie Cakes


About Me

In 2016, I graduated Culinary school in hopes of becoming a personal chef. But being a military spouse I moved to Germany and  with no familiar jobs around, I started making simple cakes for a family friend. Word spread around the military community quickly and Flie Cakes was created. After leaving Germany, Flie Cakes took on Huntsville, AL in 2018 where my clientele started to grow! I started practicing other types of skills and slowly ended up turning my side hobby into a business. 

It's my passion to help my clients make memories on their special day. From half birthdays to small and elegant weddings I create the perfect custom cake. Flie Cakes will always make the edible incredible! Now in 2023, I look forward to serving the huge community of Dallas-Ft Worth.

Join the Flie Life!

Ft. Worth, Texas (DFW area)

Tel: 618-600-6563

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Welcome to the Flie Life, Exculsive deals coming soon!

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